Visiting Hours: Part 1

Sometimes I sit and wonder what it would be like if heaven had a waiting room. Visiting hours. I imagine I’d arrive by train after traveling a couple days passing by lakes and rolling green hills kind of like something out of Harry Potter. I imagine I’d step down from the train arriving right in front of […]

Brief Intermission

We’ll be right back after this quick message: To be open & free Wearing my feelings on my sleeve To display the air that I breathe Would you be ok with me being me? Many times I speak without speaking My thoughts start leaking My face shows the emotions That my mind is thinking But […]

Ep. 8 I’m good

Trying to find the words to describe anxiety can be challenging. Nervousness, worry, and unease often come up when touching on the subject. For those of you unfamiliar with the struggle imagine for a moment the feeling of falling. That weightless sensation of your body descending downward faster and faster as if you had just […]

Ep. 7 Edibles

On this episode of Kid From The Valley, Stress. Stress management. Words in adulthood you hear way too often.  So many methods on how to deal with stress. Some choose to do yoga or go to the gym, some choose to dive in feet first into something artistic and creative, some read, some hike, swim, […]

Ep. 4 Happy feels good.

I woke up this morning and did my usual routine on my day off. Sleep in till my child’s literally knocks on my forehead to see if I’m awake, get up turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and fix her a bowl a cereal. Head for the bathroom, brush my teeth, scrape my tongue, shower rinse […]