Ep.1 Familiarity

On this weeks episode:

So I’m up here in Seattle, WA and its great. The scenery, the food, the alcohol. It’s a wonderful experience so far. However, I never thought I’d say it but I miss “the valley”. I never thought I’d miss the valley, let alone did I think I would ever claim to be from the valley. Growing up I was told people I was from the Hollywood area of LA. I mean in all honesty I kinda am…sorta kinda….not really. I went to school mostly in Hollywood from the end of elementary to the end of high school, so claiming to be from the outside the valley sounded way cooler. Especially to people who don’t anything about the valley.

Yet like that ole’ saying goes, “you don’t know what you got til it’s gone”, I am missing the familiarity of the hot dry sun beaming down through palm trees and looking over the many traffic filled streets. The sight of the heat rays hovering over each car as you sit in bumper to bumper traffic on the 101 in the middle of the afternoon in either direction (but who in their right mind would?). I was reminded of this one time, my aunt had called my grandmother’s house at about 7-8 o’clock at night and the phone was off the hook. This was when house phones were still a thing. I remember her being a lil’ worried at that so she drove from Tarzana all the way to Marina Del Rey calling from her blackberry in the car the entire with no answer. Bruh, some folks don’t realize, that’s what you call LOVE!!! To hop on the 101 to the 405 south to the 90 west down to Marina Del Rey during prime time traffic just to check on someone to make sure they’re okay is straight loco. Of course when she got there my grandmother was fine and had no idea her phone was off the hook and looked at my aunt like she was crazy for driving all that way (which she was), but regardless the effort was shown and it was very much appreciated. Rush hour out here is amusing. The longest I’ve sat in traffic on the 5 or 405 up here getting was about 20-30 minutes tops. Cute right? It was about 6-630pm and I had just made it home when I realized that I had to go back out to go to the store. After sitting in traffic I was kind of dreading it but I needed food so “whateryagunnado”. I’m now back on the 405 and there’s no traffic at all. When they say “rush hour” out here, they mean just that. That shit lasted all of an hour. Not that I’m complaining at that fact I’m just sayin’, I that was adorable.

Now this below 40 degree weather out here is NOT the move. Don’t get me wrong I used to love winter in Cali, the hoodies, beanies, the occasional scarf, love it all; but HONEY BUNCHES OF OATS when I see actual ice in the parking lot in the morning I immediately ask myself “what the hell was I thinkin'”. It’s always coldest in the mornings, so when I see my dash-board read 28 degrees outside I swear I’ve never longed for the warmth of the sun more than I have when I have to pull out my parking spot to go to work at 5:30am.

What I think I miss most (or just a lot lately), is the Mexican food. Dammit, I swear I ain’t been to a decent Mexican restaurant since I left Cali and I love me some tacos. You never recognize how good you got it till you can no longer pull up to any corner plaza (and I do mean ANY) and find a hole in the wall taco spot. Some better than others but regardless they got something there that you want. Whether it’s a 7-Eleven, a Planned Parenthood, a Smog Check place or a combination of all 3 in the same lil’ strip, I can almost guarantee that there’s a hole in the taco place in that same plaza or at the very least right next door at the other plaza across the street. Being out here I’m like, really? Nothing? You might see one or two spots that may or may not look interesting but nothing that says, “you know wassup, come on in here”. There’s no lady on the corner sweatin’ her ass off sellin’ fresh fruit with chile for the kids after school. There’s no hotdog lady with the bacon wrapped around the hotdog sizzlin’ on the that hot cart with the onions and green peppers you can smell from a block away. There’s none of the simple shit. You know how much I miss the corn man? THE CORN MAN!! Elote!!! Seriously I am lacking and I am in need. Especially if the corn man has the cart with the shaved ice too. You know what I mean? Just familiarity. Simple things. Let me get back to work before they come lookin’ for me. Until next time, I’ll be up here….hungry.

Stay tuned.




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