Welcome to the show. I’m Mack and I’ll be your host, guide, and narrator as you tour through the stories and tellings that reside within the windmills of my mind. As the title of this program suggests I am but a Kid From The Valley. Bouncing around with my family in my younger years, I lived in quite a few places throughout the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. At times I hated it and in other times I couldn’t see myself living anywhere else. As the subtitle of the show suggests, I am an anti-social being at heart. An extrovert by nature, I can spark a conversation with damn near anybody. Whether it be inquiring on weekend turn ups or commentating on current events, we can chat and laugh till we cry. Yet at times I find myself being somewhat a pessimist in social occasions. Not that I find the people as individuals uninteresting, I’ve just grown to accept that I would rather socialize with a smaller group (or with the perfect audience, myself). I enjoy being out with friends, makin’ people laugh and havin’ fun. What I also enjoy more than that is being by my damn self, minding my own business and simply being delighted with myself as my best company. In the beginning of social gatherings, I can have an amazing time, finding/suggesting the best music to play, starting a drinking game or pouring people drinks and crackin’ jokes. Soon after, however, I’ll begin to count the minutes of when it’s time to leave.

I created this space to display my thoughts because I feel this year is already a year of inspiration, discovery, and fearlessness. As I embark on a journey to write my first book/tv show, I will be blogging to introduce, and reintroduce, myself to many of my readers new and old. Stay tuned for the next episode.